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We provide:

  • Global networking and business connections

  • Groundbreaking and thorough research and information

  • Master class training and education resources

  • Database management and reporting


Coordination and networking

EC Health will support coordination and networking throughout the gerontology domain. Presentations and attendance at conferences internationally will showcase the outcomes of research and support the development of further tools moving forward.


Licensing the EASYCare tool with training, master-training and data collection

The license to use EC Health is free, but requires training to be undertaken with the assessors, for which there is a fee. EC Health colleagues can let you know how the charging would work for the training. There is a range of fees depending on whether additional Consultancy to help with transformation is required. A further fee would be applicable to implement the database to support EC Health Standard Assessments.


Maintaining and managing EC Health database (and producing reports and analysis)

Continual growth of the EC Health Database with in depth analysis into EC Health standard assessment and supplementary assessments. In time the information gathered can start to shape service delivery.


We can also help you:

- Develop support tools and resources to underpin national and international partners work

- Prove the impact of systemic change

- Contribute to improve the lives of older people throughout the world


EC Health has the exclusive international license to drive the use and development of the EC Health standard assessment across the world. The EC Health Standard Assessment instrument has been updated from the 2010 version and will be used for the next five years.

Authorised use will be licensed by EC Health Limited (a not-for-profit social enterprise). Authorised use will include a requirement for assessors to be trained and to share anonymised summary information. This will be backed by research and development work which will focus on impact evaluation, population studies and the development and use of a summary score for well-being.


A Social Movement for Culture and System Change

EC Health will contribute to a global social movement to change the culture and systems of care for older people. The ageing of populations is sometimes seen as creating insurmountable problems for society.


However, with population ageing there are opportunities as well as challenges. Many older people are net contributors of personal and financial resources to their families, communities and broader society. Policy and practice needs to create the circumstances where older people can maximise their contribution.


This requires a change of approach from the delivery of welfare and care, to the promotion of empowerment and capability, which will extend healthy active life and compress the period of morbidity prior to death.


Older people and their families want their health and care systems to help maintain independence in old age, allow older people to do things which are meaningful to them, maintain contact with loved ones, and not to suffer towards the end of their lives. The EC Health project recognises these societal, personal and family aspirations.


Our key insight is that every older person is different, and therefore we need to direct health and care to the concerns which matter most to the older person and their family.


We also recognise that local circumstances also vary, so we will help mobilise a response to these concerns based on a detailed understanding of local sources of support, both statutory and informal. The EC Health approach, is therefore personal and local, while retaining common elements as standard, based on our 25 year experience in more than 40 countries of understanding the concerns and priorities of older people and their families.


We wish to work with others who share these aspirations and thereby help change the culture and systems of health and care to improve the lives of older people throughout the world.

Our Offer

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