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The challenge of the unreported needs of older people was clearly articulated in a highly cited paper in the Lancet by Williamson et al “Old People at Home: Their Unreported Needs”. Two thirds of the significant risks to health independence and wellbeing in older people are not known to their primary care physicians.


Identification of a need for a new instrument for brief standardised holistic assessment of the physical, mental and social functioning of older people, established during a research fellowship undertaken by Professor Ian Philp under the supervision of Robert Kane at the School of Public Health, University of Minnesota.





Key Milestones

Further development and validation of EASYCare instruments within Europe, as part of an EU-funded project (SCOPE) on providing a quality culture in health care for older people, resulting in key publications on aspects of reliability.


Studies with data derived from EASYCare assessments in Poland, UK and Portugal show value of data for population needs assessment.


Extensive work undertaken in adapting and evaluating use of EASYCare instruments in the Netherlands, demonstrating cost-effectiveness in a large randomised controlled trial (Dutch EASYCare studies). 


Means identified to use EASYCare assessments to predict risk of breakdown in care (leading to hospitalisation or need for long-term institutional care).


Summary of programme and vision for extending its use to all six WHO regions shared at IAGG Conference in Paris 2009.


Translation, adaptation, pilot and validation studies commenced in all six WHO regions using common protocols agreed at meeting of the EASYCare International research network, Sheffield (UK).


Framework for the development of EASYCare instruments agreed by a WHO (Europe) expert working group at a Consensus Conference in Belfast, 1993.


Pilot studies undertaken in UK, Italy, Finland and Spain between 1994-6, as part of an EU- funded project (EPIC) on information systems development for older people’s health and care.


First peer-reviewed publication, setting out vision for use of EASYCare instruments for a combined health and care assessment of older people.


Basis established for calculating a ratio scale for overall level of independence in activities of daily living.




Conference Symposium Proceedings, Fourth European Nursing Congress Symposium, Rotterdam 2010. “EASYcare: a standardized assessment for individual needs in health and social care.”


Meeting of the EASYCare International research network, Warwick (UK) to revise protocol documentation and share feedback from pilot studies.


Conference Symposium Proceedings, IAGG-Comlat, Buenos Aires 2011.


Conference Symposium Proceedings, 8th World Congress on Long Term Care in Chinese Communities, Hong Kong 2011.



Conference Proceedings, Second International Congress on Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine (ICGGM), India 2012.



EASYCare International Network Meeting Istanbul.


Conference Proceedings, American Geriatrics Society Annual Scientific Meeting 2012.

Philp,I., et al. (2012). “EASYCare Self-Assessment UK National Demonstration Project.”

Conference Symposium Proceedings IFA, Prague 2012. “Promoting Health and Well-Being for Older People through Early Intervention; International Perspectives.”



Key publication to describe the history, development and research evidence for the EASYCare International Programme.



EASYCareTraining Programme with TSAO Foundation, Singapore (October).


EASYCare International Advisory Board Meeting Geneva (December).


Conference Symposium Proceedings ICN Congress 2013, Main session Theme:

Ageing Exploring the Challenges.



EASYCare Meeting with American Federation for Aging Research, London (April).


Latest research from all six WHO regions shared at IAGG Conference in Seoul 2013.

Conference Symposium Proceedings, IAGG Seoul 2013. “A practical tool for global use to identify and respond to older people's health and care needs.”


IAGG GARN Symposium (Invited Speaker), IAGG Seoul. “Implementing Frailty into Clinical Practice and Clinical Research: Prevention of Frailty in Robust Older Adults.”


EASYCare International Network Meeting Istanbul (October)


EASYCare Presentation at Global Forum on Innovation for Ageing Populations 10–12 December 2013 Kobe, Japan



EASYCare Training Programme delivered to The All India Institute of Medical Sciences and 

Dr. S.N. Medical College, Jodhpur (January)


EASYCare International Network Meeting Hull, UK (August).


Global Summit on Ageing, St Croix University of the Vatican, Vatican City (November).  EASYCare approach identified as one of the few practical solutions capable of supporting sustainable systems of care for older people.


Pinar   Pinar R et el (2015)  The Adaption of the EASYCare Standard Assessment Instrument into Turkish

 and      and Evaluation of Psychometric Properties Among Turkish Older People. Nobel Medicus 32.


Master Training Programme undertaken with Health Exchange, Birmingham.

UK Demonstration Project in partnership with KC Communications of call centre approach with additional skin health module, Bridlington East Yorkshire.


EASYCare International Network Meeting, Solihull


World Café report describing implementation plans for the next five years in major countries and regions.


EASYCare Seminar at the IAGG Asia Conference on Ageing, Chiang  Mai Thailand.


Major presentations about the EASYCare approach in India and China.


EASYCare Master Training undertaken with post graduate nursing students from Thailand and Vietnam, Bangkok.


EASYCare contribution to International Federation on Aging Summit on Promoting Vaccination, Brussels.


EASYCare presentation at International Longevity Centre UK on the theme of sustainable ageing, London.


EASYCare presentation at Partnership for Change networking event for the finance sector, London.


Joint meeting with International Council for Nurses and Global Coalition on Aging on Promoting Healthy Aging, Geneva.


EASYCare Health established as a social enterprise company to support implementation of the EASYCare approach.


EASYCARE Standard Assessment Tool updated based on experience since 2010.

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