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In order to protect our information and users some areas of this site are member only. Membership to our site is completely free to use and can be obtained by completing a short form on our website.


Areas you will gain access to include:

  • Research library

  • Chat forum

  • E-newsletters


To become a member, click the 'login/sign up' button in the top right hand corner. We will approve your registrations as soon as possible.


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Helping us connect with out community

We will only ever use your information  within this site. We will never bombard you with spam emails or send on to a third party. We strive to protect your privacyat every stage.


We may use the information to:

  • send you further details of our services;

  • contact you in response to any general or specific enquiries made by you;

  • process any application submitted by you in connection with any job vacancy.

  • send you information about recent developments in areas in which you have expressed an interest;

  • automate certain functions on our web site; and/or

  • ensure content from our web site is presented in the most effective manner for you and your computer.

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